January / February 2017

Ralph Salisbury

We are pleased to have been acknowledged in both of the following categories by Corporate America News:

  1. Most Innovative Custom Presentation Products - 2016
  2. Best Socially Responsible Company USA - 2016

Our most meaningful acknowledgement, however, is the acknowledgement we receive from our customers.  We are fortunate to have customers who are creative; they inspire our passion for innovation.

“Impact Enterprises Inc. is internationally respected as a designer and manufacturer of custom presentation products which is showcasing the talent and dedication that it puts into every project that it undertakes. As a dynamic and proactive firm Impact is always seeking new opportunities and chances to improve upon its current success, and we wish the firm well in its endeavors.”   Corporate America Small Cap Awards

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Impact Enterprises, Inc.

Menu covers provide opportunity for a meaningful dining experience that can result in increased sales; a restaurant’s menu is its most important selling tool and when displayed in a custom menu cover... more

Impact Brass will customize our brass and stainless steel bellman carts to your size specifications at no additional cost.

Binder Covers can be an important business tool; they define value.  A presentation or proposal held in a custom binder cover that immediately captures attention is a catalyst for success... more.

Impact is always researching new materials, new designs, new products, and new concepts for existing products.

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