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Menu covers provide opportunity for a meaningful dining experience that can result in increased sales.

A restaurant’s menu is its most important selling tool and its effectiveness is enhanced when displayed in a custom menu cover; customers are stimulated to review the menu’s selections more thoroughly, resulting in a propensity to order increased and more varied food selections.

Custom menu covers are a reflection of ownership’s intent to please its customers, and Impact Menus is the acknowledged international leader in custom menu design, creating innovative menu covers using materials that are new and unique. Impact Menus has set the stage for future industry standards, and its menu designs grace the tables of restaurants worldwide.  Impact was the first to use metal including copper, brass, aluminum, silver, and stainless steel in menu cover design; the first to use solid woods for custom menu covers; and the first to use tempered glass.  In developing it long standing environmental initiative, Impact Menus works with recycled metals, solid woods from Verified Sustainable Forests, and aqueous coated materials. 

When looking for a menu cover that will enchant and delight your customers, contact Impact Menus.  Impact offers:

  • a friendly and talented design team that works for you..
  • innovative designs that are durable and retain value
  • superior customer service
  • a wealth of knowledge for hospitality designs and needs

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