Impact Binders

Binder Covers can be an important business tool; they define value.  A presentation or proposal held in a custom binder cover that immediately captures attention is a catalyst for success; it confirms the importance and high value placed on the proposal or presentation.

Successful entrepreneurs understand the potential created by innovative presentation. From the moment a custom binder is presented, the recipients must get a sense of value, the value or importance of its printed contents as well as the value the presenter assigns to the recipients.  An innovative custom binder will command attention, peak interest, and please its recipients, thus improving success potential for the proposal or presentation.

Impact Binders is internationally recognized for creating custom binder covers that capture attention, generate responses, and hold value.  Impact’s passion for innovative design has produced custom binder cover options never before available and has set the stage for industry standards.

Working with high quality leathers, metals, solid woods, tempered glass, and other materials, Impact will produce a binder cover, compendium, or portfolio cover for you that will confirm the high value of its contents together with the high regard you have for its recipients; your customers and audience.

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