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  Leather-Wine-Book-The-Palms-Hotel-Dubai-F Wine-List-Covers-Generic-Grapes-F  Wood-Menu-Cover-Marsilios-Opened-F

Palms Hotel Dubai:  Genuine Polo leather with a

rustic weathered look, sewn edges, decorative

rivets, foil debossed artwork

Impact's Generic Copper Wine List Cover:

Recycled medium copper with natural

blue/green patina, embossed artwork.

 Marsilio's:  Solid dark walnut with new wood

spine, decorated with full cover 4-color process

printed artwork.


 Metal-Wine-List-Covers-Kensingtons-F  Wine-Books-Bello-Family-Vineyards-F  Wine-Books-Pino-Bianco-F

Kensington's Wine Book:  Brass with Impact's

natural dark brass finish, metallic faux leather

spine, embossedand buffed artwork.

 Bello Family Vineyards:  Bright aluminum with

unique linen embossed pattern, black faux

leather spine,embossed and color-filled artwork

 Pino Bianco: Rich charcoal grey faux leather

with sewn edges, decorated with clear foil

debossed artwork


 Wine-List-Covers-Seafire-F   Wine-List-Covers-Jose-Andres-F   Wine-List-Covers-Stein-Eriksen-Lodge-F



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