BINDER-Newsletter Oct 2014

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 Menu-Covers-Copper-Foundation-Room-F-2  Binder-Cover-Brass-NFL-Prototype-F-4bae01fd490991

 Foundation Room:  Delicate full cover embossed artwork

on our distinctive sunbubble copper finish.

 Dynasty-NFL:  Multi-position embossed artwork on our bright

brass finish.  Binder has a metal trimmed spine



 Revised carpets-of-eden-mahogany-F Binder-Covers-Aluminum-Hatch-F 

 Carpets of Eden:  Solid mahogany with intricate full cover

laser-engraved artwork.  A new feature for our

solid wood binder covers is our solid wood spines.

 Hatch Associates Manual:  Simple embossed and buffed

artwork on 'married' dark brass and

brushed aluminum in a wave design. 



 Binder-Covers-Acrylic-Harper-International-F  Blue-Pine-Menu-Covers-Sapodilla-F

 Harper International:  Distinctive combination of materials;

brushed aluminum with embossed and color-filled artwork,

acrylic with screened artwork, and a faux leather quarterbind.

 Sapodilla:  Solid blue pine with intricate full cover laser-engraved

artwork and ICP printed artwork.  The blue pine is joined

to a faux leather quarterbind spine.

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