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Bobi Hamilton is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of custom menu and presentation binder covers. Bobi's work is synonymous with style, creativity and innovation. As the President of Impact Enterprises, she has worked hand in hand with leaders in hospitality, fashion, restaurant, sports and a broad array of industries for whom she has developed award-winning products in her more than 30-year career.


"Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen,
and thinking what nobody else has thought"

Albert Von Szent-Gyorgy

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“A Guinness World Record awarded to Impact…”

Impact Enterprises, Inc., a woman owned business, WBENC Certified, has become internationally recognized for its product designs, unique material selections, product quality, and personalized service. Impact’s binder covers, menu covers, and accessory presentation products are in boardrooms and restaurants of branded companies and organizations such as Ferrari Automobile, The White House, Live Nation Entertainment, Ritz-Carlton, Merrill-Lynch, NFL, and many other companies and proprietorships that value personalized service and innovative thinking.

Impact’s material selections are the most extensive in the industry, yet we work continuously to test new and environmentally responsible materials. Our environmental initiative has become acknowledged and respected throughout the international community. Our innovative philosophy provides our industry with opportunity to become more responsible and socially conscious.

Founded in 1987 by Bobi Hamilton, President and CEO, Impact has grown into a creative force that sets new standards for the industry. Refusing to accept industry norms, Bobi Hamilton pushed the limits of innovative thinking to provide her customers with options never before available; these options are now industry standards. Bobi’s educational background is in architecture and interior design, her professional background includes advertising and marketing. Overseeing Impact’s design department provides an opportunity for Bobi to continually express her passion for innovation while exploring new design concepts grounded in classic design principles and theory.


July / August 2017

Ralph Salisbury

Brand Recognition, A New Approach for a Powerful Business Concept...

I was asked to write an article on Hotel Group Meetings for Hotel Business Review; apparently the competition to host these group meetings and events has become quite intense, and suggestions for confronting this competition were to be the gist of the article.   ‘Winning’ this competition essentially means the hotel/resort secures repeat business; repeat business occurs because of a memorable and successful meeting experience, which go hand in hand.  To date, competition essentially has focused on ‘an amenities offered’ basis, however, the successes of competing on this basis quickly diminish as amenities soon become expected and are noticed only when missing; event organizers and attendees now expect comfortable surroundings, comfortable seating, the latest technological equipment, quality desk-top accessories, healthy snacks or foods, etc..  Maybe it is time for hotels and resorts to look into the mindfulness of event and meeting attendees.  Many already do use ‘mindfulness’, but do not apply these efforts to event and group meetings.  See the article in Hotel Business Review, scheduled for September 2017.

Whether a hotel, resort, spa, or restaurant, the hospitality industry has become a rather active participant in environmental and social consciousness initiatives.  Some may ask why?  Well as the ‘greater community’ becomes increasingly mindful of such initiatives, as it has, it looks to patronize properties that support these initiatives; hotel and restaurant customers look to frequent properties that have made an effort to ‘give back’ in some way.  There are many ways to give back, in both environmental initiatives and social consciousness initiatives.  In the long run it is about business generated from brand recognition, however, this new approach to business is working; the health and education of the international community have benefitted, and so has brand recognition which is a driver of corporate success.  “Our focus on literacy and career development goes beyond charitable giving – it is a strategic investment of our resources to create a lasting impact for local communities and for our company,” said Mark Hoplamazian, president and CEO for Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

Participation in a meaningful form of corporate responsibility is not difficult.  It can begin with a simple initiative to not contaminate landfills, or an initiative to support a reading program for children in your local area, or an initiative to support your local humane society, and the list just goes on with costs that are within every businesses’ means

Additional reading:  6 CSR Trends To Watch In 2017, and Hyatt’s initiative to further education

Environmentally Responsible Presentation Products:

Recycled Metals | Solid Woods from Verified Sustainable Forests | Genuine Leather as a by-product


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