August 2016

Ralph Salisbury

Hospitality Trends, Menu Covers and Millennials…

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Hotels and restaurants continue to have confidence in the ‘Millennial Revolution’; believing this booming and successful generation of new professionals demands energetic and socially oriented hotel settings for work, networking, and relaxation.Surrounding one’s self in a public environment that encourages work and at the same time opportunity for physical contact, networking, and social activity is much preferred to working in one’s hotel room and communicating strictly through an innovative device.The quiet, almost unwelcoming hotel lobbies of the past just do not work for our younger and successful generation.It is interesting to note that our baby boomer and subsequent generations of professionals have picked-up on and enjoy these new settings demanded by Millennials.

These new ‘social work’ setting demand flexibility in design.Tables and sitting areas need to be comfortable, adequately spaced for a perceived sense of privacy for work while also offering a ‘gathering’ setting for networking and socializing.An adequate number of, and conveniently located, power outlets are a must.Easy access to the Bar or wait staff service needs to be available.Preferred food offerings should include small plate size (tapas), variable for different tastes, and healthy; food selections that encourage community, gathering, and conversation

Accessory items such as Menu covers and table-top displays should be innovative and, equally important, environmentally responsible as this type of display complements the socially-conscious character that Millennials are known and respected for.Solid woods from Verified Sustainable Forests make beautiful, durable, and branding quality menu covers. The environmental aspect of these is obvious at first glance.Recycled metals are innovative, offer an endless array of patina or brushed finishes.Leather has always been a favorite for the environmentally conscious.Other materials should be aqueous coated.


Independent restaurants outside of hotels and resorts, also need to appreciate the preferences of millennial professionals.The work space may not be as important, however, some strategically placed power outlets may encourage repeat business from single diners.Foods offerings should steer clear of exceptionally large portions and focus more on a captivating selection of healthy foods.

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