June 2016

Ralph Salisbury

Innovation and Customization at Impact…

In today’s business environment innovation remains key for continued success; innovation coupled with quality and service.Successful innovation does require an understanding of customers, market trends, and equally important… market leadership.

At Impact Enterprises, we are committed to our customer’s needs and desires, and to understanding industry trends, but more importantly creating industry trends.Bobi Hamilton, Impact’s President and CEO, maintains her passion for innovation, has never lost touch with customers, and created an environment for Impact that encourages all associates to embrace this same philosophy.Almost 30 years ago, Impact introduced customization concepts that soon became trends in the manufacturing industry for binder covers, menu covers, and other presentation products.Our customers have always been first to receive branding quality products due to design and material combinations made possible by Impact’s genius and innovative manufacturing skills.

Impact introduced custom handcrafted copper, brass, and brushed aluminum presentation covers to the industry 18 years ago.Shortly thereafter we instituted a policy of working with recycled metals in order to become more environmentally responsible and offer such opportunity to our customers as well.14 years ago we introduced truly custom solid wood binder covers and menu covers, and soon offered all such presentation products in a variety of woods harvested from Verified Sustainable Forests.Tempered glass covers are in vogue as a result of Impact’s design and manufacturing genius.

In order to provide additional service to and new customization options for our customers we expanded our product line to include custom key cards, a quality line of Public Space products that includes Crowd Control Stanchions (Posts & Ropes and Retractable Belts), Free Standing Display Signs, Bellman and Luggage Carts.These products are made from the highest quality materials, and now can be customized to particular size and design requirements, an option not previously offered by the industry.Impact makes customization opportunities exciting for our customers, and their enthusiasm and participation in the customization process contributes to exceptional branding quality products.

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