April 2016

Ralph Salisbury

The subject of our April blog (see Blog) revolves around communication and defensive tactics employed in an attempt to justify miscommunications.This is an important subject for all businesses and in particular manufacturing operations.Manufacturing involves ‘specification’ communication from several sources;it could be a customer’s communication to a designer, supplier, or the manufacturer itself.It could be a manufacturer’s communication back to its customer.Whatever the flow of this ‘specification’ communication, of critical importance is the absence of miscommunication; miscommunication due to actual errors in text, and miscommunication due to the probability of misinterpretation.

When busy, many of us lose our discipline to question; we tend to accept our initial understanding as being the correct interpretation; we do not question other possible interpretations.This is the cause of most defensive tactics; we attempt to justify our misinterpretation by pointing the finger of blame elsewhere.We are not wrong in our ‘understanding’,we are wrong for not questioning something that may be able to have other interpretations.When dealing with specifications, all possibilities for misinterpretation must be eliminated.

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