March 2016

Ralph Salisbury

In my September 2015 Newsletter I addressed the revenue generating potential that Guest Services Directories possess. This subject can be rationalized further, and needs to be.

Dynamic Care for Guest Directories...

Guest Services Directories remain a valuable means for generating auxiliary income for hotels. In order to maximize this potential income serious consideration must be given not only to presentation and organization, but also to continual care. Continual care is a policy that requires updated information from management and wear monitoring from housekeeping.This is what I have termed Dynamic Care; care that contributes to maximizing the potential interest a guest could have in your hotel’s services and amenities. A directory cover that shows well and contains a current welcome letter that directs the guest’s attention to new features, foods, or other positive descriptions of services and amenities, encourages guest participation and can result in increased purchases from the guest.

It is a given that my Dynamic Care thinking is not a stand-alone policy, it must be complemented by genuine customer service provided from the time your guest reaches your front door.

Let me address Dynamic Care in an organized manner.


  • Should reflect your brand.
  • Should embody an ‘attitude’* that encourages opening.
    • A cover that grabs attention
    • one that generates a sense of curiosity
    • A cover that is pleasing to hold.
  • Must be monitored for wear. This includes cover wear and insert ‘wear’.

*Attitude could be an environmental initiative or an activity that portrays or interprets your property.The selection of materials available for generating attitude is almost limitless. Solid woods, metals, leathers, linens, other fabrics, acrylics, grasscloths, corks, glass, poly, vinyl and more. All are available in unique and creative designs, colors, and textures that will help to define your property.


  • Should be dated (current) or reference a time period (week or month) so it remains current.The guest will understand that current information is displayed; that the directory is updated for her/his benefit
  • Should be friendly, concise, informative, and easily absorbed.
  • Should reference something new about your property or an enhanced feature that provides additional service or convenience for your guest.
  • Should end with encouragement to review the directory for all services, activities, and foods available.


  • Should be understood by the hotel’s staff, so that when a specific question is asked, a knowledgeable response is given, together with possible alternatives regarding this specific question.

Hospitality is about people interacting with people. No new features, nuanced details or technological innovations will change this core precept. If a staff member isn’t motivated to help guests to his or her fullest, then everything else unravels.-Larry Mogelonsky,

  • Should be arranged in a fashion to capture the guest’s attention for serious consideration.
    1. Food: Dining and Lounge amenities offered, mentioning specials available for the time period identified in the Welcome letter.
    2. Business:Business services available for guest’s use
    3. Recreation:Spa and fitness facilities available
    4. Other services and amenities offered.
    5. Local businesses and community events scheduled for time period mentioned in Welcome letter.This area of advertising has become a revenue source for some hotels, however, the advertisers (local businesses) need to be appropriate for the hotel’s brand in order to motivate the guest.

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