January 2016

Ralph Salisbury

Customers Acknowledge Effort…

Ted Goff

As I wrote in this month’s blog, an inspired staff inspires… When customers are presented with an enthusiastic, meaningful, and timely response to design options, material options, decoration options, and manufacturing options, they know they are respected and their project is taken seriously; they become inspired to contribute. A customer’s meaningful contribution to their project results in a successful project and provides for a long-term relationship. Meaningful contributions create an enthusiastic and innovative work environment, and minimize, if not eliminate, the potential for errors.

Impact’s sales and design consultants are a cohesive group that will work together on developing new products, new designs, research new and alternative materials, and make group decisions on how best to proceed with challenging projects. The camaraderie and mutual respect that exists among our associates has enabled Impact to become the internationally recognized design and manufacturing firm that it is.

For Binder Covers, Custom Presentation Folders, Menu Covers, Table-top and Desk-top Accessories, Custom Signage, and other custom products, that will surpass your expectations, please contact our sales and design consultants.

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