December 2015

Ralph Salisbury

Teamwork in Design + Prototype Development = Innovative Products...

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Last October I wrote about the concept of design thinking shifting from an individual or single department endeavor to a communal or multi-department responsibility.Successful design and innovation requires an understanding and sense of compassion for those you are designing for.This is not a new concept; “Einstein and Freud …were able to imagine the world from the perspective of others.” Design’s Invisible Century.Steve Jobs was also known for envisioning societal needs and wishes.

Design thinking is not enough on its own. Developing and testing prototypes is crucial to new product success. “Prototyping is probably the single most pragmatic behavior the innovative firm can practice.”Michael Schrage

Here at Impact Enterprises our innovative successes have been and continue to be the result of ‘prototyping’; creating a prototype after evaluating input from all appropriate sources. Our design department will take an idea, request input for that idea from customers, suppliers, and our staff members, and then use this input to refine the idea, and develop prototypes.The first part, requesting input makes this design and innovative process’ a social practice.The second part, developing prototypes is a tested common sense approach for bringing new products to the marketplace. See“innovative accomplishments”. Design and Innovation successes come from ideas that at acted upon; developed, tested, adjusted, and retested until the idea becomes a functional reality.

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