September 2015

Ralph Salisbury

Guest Services Directory Covers Do Have Income Generating Value…

Hotel, Resort, Country Club, and Spa guests do find value in Guest Services Directories. Equally important, the property itself should realize additional income from the services, activities, and shops identified in the directory. Too often, however, the presentation of these ‘amenities’ does not encourage serious perusal or generate a sense of adventure or excitement.

Encouraging serious perusal and generating a sense of anticipation begins with the first impression judged by the guest. Does the ‘directory’ grab attention as the guests begin to settle-in? Is it a ‘piece’ that calls attention to itself because of design, material, color, decoration and workmanship (a ‘branding quality’ piece)? If it does attract attention, your guest’s curiosity will be peaked and the directory will be opened. This is the first step needed to encourage serious perusal.

In addition to ‘branding quality’ directory covers, the contents (fulfillment) of the directory must generate a sense of anticipation through layout, paper and colors chosen, images, and well thought-out text (description) that is complete, accurate, and concise. This is not complicated nor does it have to be costly.

The combination of branding quality covers together with well thought-out fulfillment will inspire your guests to investigate, experience, and spend while at your property.

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