August 2015

Ralph Salisbury

Successful Innovation

wpid-Photo-Dec-12-2012-612-AM – Dec. 12, 2012

In my Blog this month, I wrote about a specific aspect of innovation, history; a manufacturer’s acknowledgement that its past successes and disappointments in innovative product development can contribute to the success of future innovation endeavors. A consequential history in innovative product development generates a competitive edge over today’s lean start-ups and other recently acquired or merged competitors that lose track of ‘history’. This competitive edge provides for a level of customer service that is invaluable to customers, and vital to manufacturers.

Recurrent creative and innovative successes spring from a cohesive group effort with an awareness of past successes and disappointments

Here at Impact we have a solid 28 year history of innovative thinking that includes new materials, new designs, new products, and other innovative challenges posed by our customers. Additionally, our innovative approach includes input from our sales and design consultants, manufacturing staff, suppliers, and strategic alliances as each has a ‘history’ in product design and development.

Innovative Successes in Presentation Designs and Materials

Metal & Leather

Impact’s ‘Sunbubble’ Patina

Tempered Glass,

Metal, & Leather

Solid Bamboo,

radius edge,

color-filled engraving

Round Metal

with color-filled

embossed artwork.

Adjusted Hard-Rock-GSD 2-Menu-Covers-Glass-Ferrari-Wine-List-F Menu-Covers-Wood-Red-Pearl-F-4d2bae39adf44 Binder-Cover-Aluminum-Farbtek-F-4d625a1889954

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