July 2015

Ralph Salisbury

Cropped Canada Food Rebranding


Facebook made news once again because of it “rebranding”.I do not necessarily agree that a ‘rebranding’ occurred.Minor revisions to a font [new cropped-facebook new logo,oldold-cropped-facebook logo] which may not even be noticeable to the general public or to customers is not rebranding in my opinion. Rebranding should imply noticeable changes for the purpose of establishing an ‘enhanced recognition’. In the case of Facebook, the general consensus seems to be the change is to accommodate mobile responsiveness which has become a truly important marketing strategy in today’s business environment. Also, simplifying a logo for ease of recognition is good; it can be a form of customer service. Marriott has done it, as have Fridays, Pizza Hut, and many other companies. Revisions must not confuse or raise questions about who the company is. Customers must be able to identify with revised logos immediately.

Rebranding encompasses more than just logo revisions. Restaurant owners in particular ‘rebrand’ in order to meet the changing tastes of customers or to change what was believed to be a correct concept for an area to a better accepted concept.Restaurant customers can be a fickle group, and understanding who your customers and guests are will help to define required ‘branding’ and potential ‘rebranding’.Food selections, ambiance, décor, and table-top accessories can all play into a rebranding strategy, however, understanding your customer base at the onset will help to minimize potential waste…[$]

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