May - June 2015

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NRA Show 2015… Impact’s view:A Great Show…

We found the demand for distinctively custom presentation products such as menu covers and wine list covers to be strong and growing.Orders for solid thick slab genuine leather presentation has increased and appears to be growing in popularity.Genuine leather has always been revered for custom presentation.Solid thick slab offers a distinctive element in custom design, is durable, and now price competitive

Solid Slab Leather

Single-panel and clipboard style presentation remain popular as farm-to-table concepts increase resulting in regularly revised food and beverage selections.These clipboard presentations allow for quick and easy change-out of printed inserts

Clipboard-Single-panel image

A study sponsored by the National Restaurant Association indicated: "Although new technologies will offer great benefits, successful operators will retain a personal touch element."

In a hospitality environment, personal touches are highlighted by Presentation.Before customers becomes engaged with staff, questions, and ordering, it is yourMenu Presentation that helps to define 'your' personal touch.Providing a menu or wine list cover that emphasizes a distinctive custom element will immediately encourage a more thorough perusal of the food and beverage selections.Such read-through has been shown to encourage an increase in the number of selections ordered, resulting in higher sales.It is important to note that successful 'Presentation' is always complemented by a staff that knows, appreciates, and exhibits superior customer service.

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