April 2015

Ralph Salisbury

Blurred 'Vision'...

REVISED-Final April

“The objective is to not blend into the blur; the objective is to stand out from it. This is what it means to be different.” Youngme Moon

Too often manufacturers will give customers what they want as opposed to trying to understand what it is the customer needs. There is a difference. The want and the need can clash if not accurately communicated by the customer or properly heard by the manufacturer. “The problem with asking consumers what they want is that not only will they ask for things they’re not getting, but their requests will usually be driven by what they see being offered by the competition.” Youngme Moon . When influenced by what competition is doing, creativity is pushed aside and the customer ends up with a product that… blends into the ‘blur’.

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to make certain the requests from the customer are clearly heard. This can only be accomplished when the manufacturer encourages a collaboration effort with the customer. Manufacturers with a history of innovation have the knowledge to guide and educate customers, and have the passion to research for customers.

At Impact, we work with our customers so they can participate in a decision-making process that results in a product that truly fulfills their needs and desires.

April 2015

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