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You Do Have Options…

There is no need to settle for industry dictated specifications when quality customized product that may be more appropriate for your property is available.

Impact Brass is known worldwide for its competence in fulfilling the need for product dimensions not available in the marketplace and yet required by many properties, and many events.

Impact Brass has supplied Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Spas and Restaurants with customized products for 30 years. Our customized Bellman Carts, Sign and Menu Stands, Posts & Ropes, Retractable Belt Stanchions are recognized for style, superior construction, and are price competitive.

Customization features include, size (height, length, and width), design, metal finish, type of wheels, base carpeting colors, adjustable and removable side-rails, customizable top shelves to hold small items, engraved finials, and more…

We ship our customized products worldwide.

Impact Brass wishes our customers and friends a Happy and Healthy 2018 and beyond...

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