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Newsletter May-June 2018

'Custom' v 'Innovative'


Binder Covers and Menu Covers are customized for very specific and similar reasons; capturing the attention of the customer or recipient.  A cover that captures attention identifies its contents as having value, which in turn justifies a more thoughtful perusal or review of the contents. 

Today ‘custom’ binders and other ‘custom’ presentation products have almost become the norm for the bindery industry, however most fall short of being innovative enough to capture attention; the term ‘custom’ has almost become synonymous with ‘identification’; applying a name or logo to an ‘off-the-shelf’ item.

Innovative custom binder covers and menu covers are the covers that capture attention. These pieces are interesting, thought-provoking and become an incentive for the recipient to want to investigate what the contents have to say.  An innovative custom menu cover will ensure a more careful perusal of menu selections, which contributes to the likelihood of increased orders resulting in increased revenue.  An innovative custom binder will ensure its contents, whether an investment proposal, concept presentation, or research results, are reviewed with genuine interest.

Since 1987 Impact Binders and Impact Menus has been manufacturing Custom Binders and Menu Covers that achieve results; covers that capture attention and confirm the value of their proposals and presentations. Our passion for innovation and design is recognized worldwide, our customer service generates repeat business, and our custom binders and presentation covers have won awards.


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