December 2014

Ralph Salisbury

A New Year.. A New Mindset.. A New Collection..

December is a ‘demanding’ month for hospitality professionals; a time to deal with what seems to be an unending stream of business, not a bad thing, but certainly an exhausting time. Come January, after a well-deserved rest, it will be time to think about your strategy for ‘increasing business during 2015 and beyond. Significant issues that continue to be important to customers include: Sustainability, Ambiance, and Healthy Foods.

Sustainability: “Sustainability will become a defining issue for the industry in 2015 and beyond…” . The ‘Green’ concept continues to grow in hospitality as customers, themselves, have developed personal ‘green’ practices in their personal lives. Products, foods, water and energy conservation, landfill growth and contamination are now in the conscious mind by an ever increasing segment of the world’s population. Restaurant and hotel guests respond most positively to properties that show a genuine concern for sustainability and healthy foods.

Healthy Foods: Locally sourced foods and organically grown produce continue to remain a priority going into 2015. “The top four hot trends are the same as last year: locally sourced meats and seafood, locally grown produce, environmental sustainability, and healthful kids’ menus

Ambiance: Restaurant Catering and Private Dining, Hotel Multifunctional Spaces and Spaces for Socialization…

Hotel Spaces for Socialization: “Today, the lobby has become the epicenter of social and business activities. The surge in business travel has created a growing trend for hoteliers to provide multifunctional spaces that offer both comfort and functionality for guests who are there to conduct transactions, create networks or engage in casual conversations. The newest trends in hotel lobbies feature creative spatial segmentations that divide intimate conversations, spaces for socialization and business negotiations”

A well thought out collection of table-top accessories to complement and reinforce your sustainability initiatives will capture the attention of your guests. Consider environmentally responsible accessories such as custom menu covers, guest directory covers, placemats, table-top stands, wine books, check presenters, and clipboards. Sustainable woods, recycled metals, aqueous coated fabrics, recycled acrylic and poly will support an environmental initiative.


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