September 2014

Ralph Salisbury

Versatility of Wood

In June and July, Green Lodging News featured several articles on the hospitality industry’s growing interest in reclaimed wood. The focus was essentially on woods sourced from old barns, other wood buildings, riverbeds, etc. This essentially is a resurgence of the ‘barn wood’ fad that surfaced in the late 60’s and continued to grow for over a decade. At that time, it was more of a ‘fashion’ trend, not one necessarily spurred on by an interest in environmental responsibility. Today, the interest remains fashionable (a weathered appearance) but more importantly it is fueled by environmental concerns..

What was not mentioned is that another very viable source of ‘reclaimed wood’ is the millions of acres of Lodgepole pine that has been infected by the Mountain Pine Beetle. These infected trees, known as ‘Blue Pine’, are harvested before they fall, kiln dried, offer the same integrity as regular lumber, and possess very unique coloring and color patterns…, much like reclaimed barn wood. From an environmental view point, ‘blue pine’ is a natural source for quality wood, and its harvesting provides space and sunlight for new seedlings to mature. It is a naturally sustainable source

Environmentally responsible woods are in vogue and in demand, particularly within the hospitality industry. The variety of eco-friendly products that can be manufactured from wood is impressive

Be ‘eco-friendly’ memorable

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