April 2014

Custom Presentation

Ralph Salisbury

Presentation; “the act of presenting” for the purpose of… well, it could be for a number of different reasons. Whatever the reason, the ultimate purpose is to capture attention. Without an audience’s attention, words may be heard, text may be read but meaning is lost. Presentations are stories, whether about an accomplishment that earns an award, a proposal that begs for attention, a selection of choices, a selection of services, a plan for growth, etc., these are all stories and can be ‘presented’ in a manner that stimulates action. “The stories that move and captivate people are those that are true to the teller, the audience, the moment, and the mission” Peter Guber.

Mr. Guber’s statement, when broken down is just common sense; presenters must be authentic; they must believe in the ‘story’ they are presenting. Let your customers and guests know that you “practice what you preach”; your presentation (story) belongs to you. Relating this to hospitality, a restaurant’s successful menu is one that reflects the ‘history’, ‘courage’, and ‘creativeness’ of the chef/owner; possibly a selection of foods that rotate with seasons, foods that are locally sourced for freshness, flavor, health, and sustainability purposes. Selections and preparations that are not only defined, but explained. These become stories that are:

  • ‘true’ to your beliefs
  • ‘true’ (right) for the audience (your customers selected your establishment)
  • ‘true’ for the moment (your customers are with you for a common purpose)
  • ‘true’ for the mission (your mission is to stimulate)

Today, customers and guests are eager to find interesting and true stories; when they discover one, they value it. Whether in a restaurant, hotel, or resort, guests look for confirmation that they made a good choice.

What captures an audience’s attention “first, fast and foremost”?(Guber) In a hospitality environment, it is the manner in which a menu or directory is presented. Use a cover (menu cover, guest services directory cover, award cover, binder cover, etc.) that complements your story; one that conveys an accurate message about you and your property, a message that supports the story inside.

Custom presentation is in demand. Create a custom cover that complements your story. Leather, historically fashionable, has exploded in popularity; solid woods and recycled metals continue to be in vogue and in demand; glass and acrylic are finding their way into a myriad of establishments; print and laminated paper are always stylish. Environmental responsibility can be a part of your story; convey this message in an environmentally responsible cover

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