March 2014

Trusted Relationships and More…

Ralph Salisbury

Trust, a term used to imply confidence, reliance, and belief, has become commercialized for business… and political… purposes, but this is changing. Trust is returning to its roots, to its original ground, to its intended meaning. The public is beginning to understand that ‘trust’ must be earned; that printed words may deserve consideration, but do not justify action without verification, and verification is easy today

Trust is determined by a combination of performance, behavior, and attitude; a combination that has some history if the printed word is to have its intended meaning. Peter Guber , chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment and author of Tell to Win wrote: “Be authentic and have your feet, tongue, heart and wallet all going in the same direction – this creates a trusted and respected relationship which precedes transactions.” Mr. Guber has great foresight. Today’s buying public, business and individual, want to know they are conducting business with a company that understands and appreciates their needs, and equally important invests to anticipate their future needs; essentially, a company that has “heart” in what it does and what it provides.

So how does a company get this message across to its customers and potential customers… As Mr. Guber suggests “Tell your story”, but first, you must have a story. Your story is your competitive advantage over today’s ‘lean startups’… Let buyers and decision-makers know about you through your testimonials , through your innovative accomplishments, through your investments in their ‘interests’

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