February 2014

Hospitality 101 for 2014

Ralph W Salisbury

In January I purchased a special dinner (Mid-Winter Brewer’s Dinner) offered by Higgins Restaurant (Chef Greg Higgins). Proceeds from this event will benefit The James Beard Public Market in Portland, OR. It was a great meal that supported a worthy cause. Higgins, known for sourcing its produce locally and preparing quality food, enjoys a great reputation and a stable following. http://higginsportland.com/index.php

Supporting a local cause is not new for many businesses. Sponsoring Little League, Pop Warner, or a local event has been common throughout the years. This is a form of ‘locally based’ social consciousness; a valuable social endeavor that benefits a well-defined group. Social consciousness in business today refers to endeavors that benefit all in a community at all times. A concept based on common sense that creates an ongoing common good; an acknowledged ‘good’ that can generate business.

Social consciousness does not have to have a cost associated with it. It can be a frame of mind; one that spawns this ‘acknowledged common good’. Restaurants in particular become socially conscious as they begin to appreciate the common sense approach to offering a growing selection of healthy food choices. Healthy food benefits all, generates a positive image for the restaurant, and results in an increase in business because healthy foods have become an ever growing priority in an ever growing concerned ‘customer base’. This applies all restaurants, fast food to fine dining. See NRA http://www.restaurant.org/News-Research/Research/What-s-Hot

See Subway http://dailycaller.com/2014/02/06/subway-eat-fresh-or-eat-chemicals/

Environmentally responsible purchasing decisions complement socially conscious endeavors: Sourcing produce locally strengthens the community and creates a sense of community, Purchasing non-toxic, recycled, durable, and sustainable products creates an overall sense of responsibility for both the business and the customer.

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