January 2014

Hospitality 2014... ‘Think outside the box’…?

Ralph Salisbury

Business planning as we used to know it continues to have value; it will provide a starting point to begin revising the plans you already put in place. Business and marketing strategies in hospitality today must be dynamic due to ever-increasing options available to secure new business and retain existing business. Competition is intense, and there is no need 'to think outside the box ' until you have successfully engaged the marketing tools required for maximum exposure.

Many available marketing ‘channels’ focus on visibility which has become an integral part of customer service. Essentially you are strategizing to make it easy for your customers and future customers to find you and to become engaged with you. You work to create customer loyalty. The quality of your product or service is a given; without it customer loyalty fades. Visibility must also be a given; without it potential future customers move to visible competition. Engagement encourages a personal connection with your customers, a connection that is invaluable when confronted with strong visible competition.

In the Age of the Customer,
business metrics aren't enough to engage prospects and customers. You have to
be able to tell your story in ways that engage on a personal level.” Harry

Engaging on a personal level includes understanding your customer’s needs and interests, offering valued and appropriate product or service, being involved in activities of a socially conscious nature that send positive messages about you; activities such as environment concerns, health concerns, and community involvement.

As companies grow, managing a talent pool that ensures superior customer engagement and personalized experience remains a key focus area.” ….” Sustainability continues to be a key focus area [in hospitality] —…, many restaurants are focusing on low-calorie and organic food to bolster consumer confidence and reinforce their brand image.Adam WeissenbergSeehttp://www.deloitte.com/view/en_US/us/Industries/travel-hospitality-leisure/38b4fa3b5791b310VgnVCM2000003356f70aRCRD.htm

So, as we begin the New Year, grasp the complete concept of customer engagement and loyalty, and hold on to it. Your 2014 will be rewarding…

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