December 17, 2013

On a Personal Note…

Ralph Salisbury

In his article, “What Has Our Restaurant Dining Experience Turned Into?” (see; ) Steve DiGioia, wrote: "But whatever happened to customer service? What happened to the dining experience we used to receive? Where are all the waiters of days gone by?"

These are valid questions…, and maybe complaints. There are factors that need to be considered when evaluating ‘attitude’ changes, especially from one generation to the next:

What do the majority of today’s guests want? ‘Years ago’ the world moved at a slower pace. Guests tended to be more relaxed; did not feel ‘on-call’ all the time. Today, many guests look for expedient service because they believe their time is limited. Communication with wait staff tends to be very perfunctory, and wait staff responds accordingly. Further, wait staff tends to be younger, and are very much accustomed to, and influenced by our fast paced world. Their experience with face-to-face communication has been minimal due to today’s ‘hi-tech’ communication. Expedient service is believed to be the demand of the day.

I do empathize with Mr. DiGioia. His point is well taken. I have found, however, a few friendly words with the wait staff at the onset of the dining experience puts everyone in a different mental place and ‘customer service’ returns. In our fast paced and somewhat confusing world, wait staff, especially younger wait staff, needs some guidance from the guest

Everyone at Impact wishes all of our customers and website visitors a great Holiday Season and Happy and Healthy New Year…

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