November 19, 2013

Color Me… with thought

Ken Murray

Crayons Cropped

What comes to mind when you imagine the color Red? How about when you imagine a bright vibrant Green or a pale Gray? Colors do have an effect upon our subconscious mind and can evoke similar emotions for the majority of us. It is, therefore, to your advantage to consider color schemes when designing your property’s interior and accessory items. Also, having some knowledge about your potential customer base will assist in determining the most effective colors to present.

Each shade of color will create different emotions and mental images. That is why choosing the right color or combination of colors for your menu covers or binder covers can contribute to the success of your business project. Did you know that the color Red can increase energy and appetite, that Brown provides a sense of reliability and can increase comfort levels, and that Green and Blue can have a calming (relaxing) affect?

In the process of designing a presentation piece (whether it is a menu or a binder cover), you first should ask, “What feelings do I want my audience to experience within the first 5 seconds of looking at my presentation piece?” After you come up with the answer to this question, choose the appropriate color and design that will guide your customers towards these feelings. It is all about your customer’s perception of your business, and color plays an important role. See: Color Psychology: The Emotional Effects of Colors , and Color Meanings in Business

Today, new technology, together with the reliability of custom handcrafted production, allows for multiple color scheme manufacturing and endless decoration options for your custom presentation products. It can be a demanding task to make color decisions, but one that can benefit your business. In order to simplify the process ask your supplier’s design department for assistance. We at Impact Enterprises will walk you through the process with patience and genuine care.

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