October 14, 2013

Menu Covers and Binder Covers... Can Be Revenue Producers

Ralph Salisbury

Have you ever been distracted by an image in an article causing you to abandon the article? This recently happened to me while accessing an article in the HBR Blog Network. The theme of the article was ‘To-do Lists’ and how these commonly used lists can be incorporated into and enhanced by today’s and tomorrow’s imminent technology. See: http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/10/reinventing-the-to-do-list-a-multi-billion-dollar-opportunity/

The subject image was of the six ‘post-it-notes’ at the beginning of the article. I read each one, and surprisingly each had a common theme: Good health. It is encouraging for me to ‘surmise’ from this image the direction of our thought processes: Healthy lifestyles and healthy environments. I do not, however, believe this to be guesswork on my part; it is real, it is universal, and it continues to grow. Environmental concerns, once thought to be fad, are now being addressed with genuine interest in all industries because ‘customers’ have developed a genuine interest in their health, a concern about the environments in which they live and the products they buy. By working to improve products with an environmentally responsible quality, business has learned a customer base grows.

The hospitality industry has been one of the most responsive to environmental concerns. Look at the great number of healthy food selections now offered by all categories of restaurants throughout the world*, note the growth in responsible packaging for healthy foods, and the impressive environmental advances made in renovation and new property construction together with policy and procedures put in place for property operation. There truly is a concern about our health, the environment and sustainability.

When purchasing accessory items such as Menu Covers, Binder Covers, Wine Lists, Check Presenters, and other Presentation products, choose environmentally responsible ones, and make this fact known to your customers. It will be to your advantage.

*read ‘Nutrition and Menu Planning’ in Foundations of Menu Planning by Daniel Traster.

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