September 12, 2013

Passion for Innovation and Social Consciousness

Ralph Salisbury

During our 26 years in business, we have used the word ‘innovation’ and the phrase ‘passion for innovation’ frequently. Whether it is in our conversations, advertising, newsletters, or press releases, this word and phrase accurately describes what we are about, and who we are. Impact is an innovator; a pioneer in the development of new designs and the use of new materials. The industries we serve are grateful for our concern for their needs and our determination to continually satisfy those needs with improved product designs and new materials.

We believe continual improvement of all widely and frequently used products is important because genuine improvement benefits not only those who use it but contributes to a sense of social consciousness. Innovation is not improvement if no societal benefit is realized. More functional designs, more environmentally responsible materials, together with a sense of compassion, help to make meaningful and lasting contributions.

The phrase ‘social consciousness’ is frequently seen in business articles today. It is good when it is genuine or results from a passion for innovation that can benefit all. Impact has practiced a socially conscious initiative for years…, before the term became popular. We have improved the functionality of our binder covers and menu covers while also being the first to provide these products in environmentally responsible materials.

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