July 18, 2013

Successful Presentation

Ralph Salisbury

Whether you are presenting investment proposals, or food and beverage selections, or even awards, the success of your presentation will depend on several important factors.

  1. Do you Know and Understand your audience or customers?

Who are they and what are they looking for? What is it that sparks their interest

  1. Do you Believe in what it is you are presenting?

How you value your presentation will affect the value your audience or customers place on it. Your value in it also refers to your passion for it. If your passion or emotional tie is strong it suggests a strong belief in the value of what is being proposed or offered.

  1. Are you able to Communicate the strength ofyour belief to your audience or customers?

If you believe strongly in your proposals or food and beverage selections, present them in creative and custom packaging that will convey this fact to your audience. Creative and custom packaging generates an immediate enthusiasm for reviewing what’s inside. Such packaging supports the degree of your belief and expresses this fact to your target audience.

  1. Does your Presentation and Packaging express something about you?

Creative presentation and packaging can express a sense of social consciousness without making a point of it. Presentation can include tactful references to certain issues or initiatives. Packaging can convey a sense of environmental responsibility. Today, such presentation and packaging will enhance your target audience’s response.

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