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‘Custom’ is a term used rather extensively to promote a sense of uniqueness or the ‘state of being special’. Custom has become so widely used that its true meaning for uniqueness has become somewhat diluted; a name applied to an inventoried or off-the-shelf product does not fit the term custom

The sense of uniqueness or the state of being special is not attained through a name, but rather through design, materials, creativity, and functionality; essentially through innovative energy. When applied to menu covers, custom should refer to presentations that enchant and delight customers; presentations that encourage extended perusal of contents; presentations that can contribute to increased orders and revenue.

A true custom manufacturer such as Impact Menus, understands and appreciates the varied and unique needs of successful entrepreneurs; entrepreneurs who know the value of innovative presentation. When considering custom menu covers look to Impact Menus for menu covers that will capture, enchant, and delight your customers; menu covers that can contribute to increased revenue.

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