July-August 2017

Ralph Salisbury

Custom Menu Covers that Complement Ambiance:

Last month I wrote that custom menu covers are a reflection of ownership’s ‘intent’, and that they complete ‘designed’ ambiance. I was questioned on both descriptions; maybe my choice of words was not the best.., at least for some. However, I will stay with these choices, and will elaborate a little.

A successful entrepreneur understands the potential created by innovative presentation.

Ownership’s intent, in any field, is to establish a successful enterprise. For restaurant’s this involves 1) establishing a ‘core’ customer base that frequents the restaurant repeatedly, and 2) establishing a reputation that attracts new customers regularly. The core customer base is best developed by in-depth research on the area being considered for the restaurant; determining the best food selections for that area, understanding the area’s ability to support proposed pricing as well as a willingness to sample some of the restaurant’s regularly varying specialties that may be new to the area and that could further a meaningful reputation both inside and outside of the area; needless to say, high quality food and superior customer service are a given. Essentially the owner is trying to understand the mindset of the local populace, and to some extent that of the surrounding populace. Once such determinations are made, the owner considers ambiance; for fine dining restaurants, a comfortable ambiance can be very important as it may be expected by the local populace. Custom menu covers can complement and ‘complete’ ambiance, and further supports ownership’s intent which is to establish a successful business by understanding and appealing to its intended customer base. A successful entrepreneur understands the potential created by innovative presentation.

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