January / February 2017

Ralph Salisbury

The growth in the demand for organically grown produce, locally sourced produce, and locally sourced non-antibiotic meats supports the fact that sustainability has evolved into a mindset; one that focuses on health, compassion, and concern.Consumers have sent a strong message to the food and hospitality industries that these issues matter.Sustainability has influenced sales in these industries and will become increasingly more important in time.See: Sustainability Has Strong Representation

Presentation of food and beverage offerings in restaurants, hotels, and even bars has frequently been viewed as a ‘branding’ opportunity for the property. Today increased ‘visibility’ or ‘acknowledgement’ of a property can be attained by the use of eco-friendly menu covers, wine list covers, bar-top displays, etc.; products using materials that support the sustainability mindset.Solid woods harvested from sustainable forests or blue pine a reclaimed wood, recycled metals, aqueous coated materials, and leather as a by-product or chromium free are examples of environmentally responsible materials.

Corp America Small Cap Awards for:Most Innovative Presentation Products

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