Menu Covers, Binder Covers, Guest Directories, Clamshell Boxes

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 Enlarged Images

  Lumenati Linen Binder   Lumenati Slipcase lg St Regis White  Poly pool menu w screened 2 color logo legal ImpactMenus 

 Lumenati Binder Cover:  White linen decorated with an

embossed bright aluminum plate set in a die-cut turned

edge window on the front cover

 Lumenati Slipcase: Matching white linen

decorated with silver foil debossed artwork.

An elegant and sophisticated combination

 St. Regis Bora Bora: A white poly pool

menu cover decorated with two-color

screened artwork


  Gecko Beach Club Euro Faux Leather White  Guest Directory   Silver Foil Deboss   Impactenterprises com   New White Washed Maple wood  w two Laquer colors in laser filled logo   Impactenterprises com   lg Lifestyle Lifts w removable insert for client ID   TE radicorners sewn ImpactBinders com

 Gecko Beach Club:  White euro faux leather guest services

directory cover, decorated with silver foil debossed artwork.

 Cottages:  Wood, maple, white washed

in an eco-friendly wash, decorated with

laser-engraved and color filled artwork

 Lifestyle Lift:  White premium faux leather

radiu corners, sewn edges decorated with a

removable insert for client ID.


  Picasso Menu resize lg O Menu cover   genuine White  Leather water resistent sewn w brass rivets as Boot Ranch  blind deboss logo  ImpactEnterprises    lg Ten 10th Bifold Menu Coachdoeskin white ImpactMenus-

 Picasso:  White faux linen decorated with a laminated

graphic set in a debossed window and foil debossed

artwork positioned below the graphic

 "O":  White genuine leather, sewn edges,

decorated with brass rivets and blind

debossed artwork

 "10" (The 10th):  pure white soft coach

faux leather, decorated with blind

debossed artwork


  Trata Collection - REDUCED Cielo Genuine Water Repellent White leather TE sewn  Anela Hortnett  Gorden Ramsey 

 Trata Collection:  White coach faux leather debossed with a full cover geometric pattern,

decorated with screened three colors and blind debossed artwork

 Cielo Collection: White genuine leather. water resistant,

sewn edges, decorated with blind debossed artwork.





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