January-February 2018 

Ralph Salisbury  

A New Year… A Good Time to Explore

For a business exploring is not a commitment to change, but rather a commitment to recognize opportunity..

Allow me to be an optimist, at least for this blog…

What do you think… any chance we can progress to a somewhat bipartisan congress in 2018, at least for the benefit of our economy?  I think it could happen, and I find it encouraging.  If the tax overhaul does result in increased business spending, employment, wages, and other benefits for our workforce there will be improved potential for cooperation on infrastructure spending which will further benefit our workforce and longer term economic growth. 

Assuming my optimism is not misplaced, 2018 and beyond could prove to be good times for the hospitality industry, other businesses, and our economy.  Yes, it will be another wait and see scenario, but for business owners and managers, now is the time to begin thinking about real growth potential; potential generated by innovative thinking, by looking beyond your existing focuses (as I wrote in last month’s blog) to see what new opportunities may exist for you that were not seen or even thought of earlier.  As you may have already experienced, competition today is very real for most successful businesses; the ‘lean startup’ concept.  Minimize this threat with forward thinking. Explore new potential areas for growth.  Exploring is not a commitment to change, but rather a commitment to recognize opportunity. The ‘lean startups’ know your past successes and will use these to their advantage.  Stay ahead of this competition; acknowledge what made you successful and look beyond what made you successful; beyond what your competition can see.  

Hike in a wilderness area.  It is amazing how Nature can provide opportunity for creative and innovative thinking...

Impact Enterprises (Impact Binders, Impact Menus, and Impact Brass) wishes our customers and friends a Happy and Healthy 2018 and beyond...


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