Adventuresome Menu Covers and Binder Covers

Product & Information Packaging that commands attention.

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Solid Blue Pine, Completely Round, Multiple Inserts, Custom Sizes, Perfectly Flat, Full Cover Decoration, No Spine to interfer with round shape.... Environmentally Responsible Selection Another truly great design from Impact

Adjusted Hard Rock GSD F

Impact's unique sunbubble copper in the shape of a guitar joined with our premium coach faux leather in a vibrant orange that complements the copper patina.
Artwork embossed in the copper together with foil debossed artwork in the faux leather


Solid Wood Surfboard Menu Cover.  Engraved Logo.  Changeable Inserts. Eco-Friendly

Sports Themed Menu Covers.
Square or Rectangular Multiple Inserts


Round Metal Menu Cover and Binder Cover. Brushed aluminum with full cover embossed decoration.
Designed for Multiple Inserts Full Cover Emboss with Color-filled Logo.

minnesota wilds final collage

Minnesota Wild Hockey Team's custom shaped menu covers are wood and black faux leather with a custom embossed pattern made to resemble the black tape on the end of a hockey stick. The decoration is 4-color process printed artwork on a wood plaque set in a round die-cut window on the front cover. 


A New Pool Menu Cover.

Faux Leather decorated with tinted acrylic that runs through to the interior of the cover


Interior of new pool menu cover

Menu Covers Leather Guggenheim Abu Dhabi F

The Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi asked Impact to create an invitation that would become a valued keepsake.  Black genuine glove leather in landscape format, decorated with blind debossed artwork. The presentation to the recipients include a matching black faux suede drawstring pouch that holds the invitation and cover.

sammy hagars red rocker collage

Sammy Hagar's Red Rocker Restaurant’s menu covers are black faux leather adorned with decorative knobs on a red aluminum display plate, this custom menu cover perfectly duplicates the look of an amplifier.

Aluminum Binder Covers Road is Calling F

The Road Is Calling aluminum binder covers and marketing kits are solid anodized aluminum riveted to sturdy solid rubber to emulate a truck's mud flap. A great concept.
The decoration is screened artwork.

adjusted Menu Covers Glass Ferrari Wine List F

Ferrari wine list covers are another highly distinctive design and combination of materials. Manufactured from tempered glass combined with bright brushed aluminum in a wave design and a burgundy leather quarterbind spine riveted to the tempered glass. The decoration is embossed artwork in the brushed aluminum.

Aluminum Menu Covers Ferrari Abu Dhabi F

Ferrari World's metal check presenters are hand-crafted brushed aluminum boxes with embossed artwork that is enhanced with our distinctive shadow effect. The lid is hinged and secured to the box with a stitched leather magnetic closure.

Binder Covers Acrylic Harper International F

Harper International acrylic binder covers are clear acrylic, black carbon fiber faux leather, and brushed aluminum.  The brushed aluminum plate is riveted to the right side of the clear acrylic and is embossed with color-filled artwork. The spine has a window for a removable insert, and is also decorated with two-color debossed artwork. The clear acrylic is decorated with a two-color screen.

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