Green Solutions: Eco-friendly menu covers, wine list covers, binder covers, table-top accessories, and other custom products manufactured from materials that are natural (organic),durable, and attractive. Impact's unique manufacturing capability allowsus to produce Green Solutions products that are branding quality products. Our metal menu covers, binder covers ,table-top accessories and signage areavailable in recycled copper, brass, and aluminum; our wood menu covers, binder covers, and accessories are manufactured from woods harvested form Verified Sustainable Forests. Ask about our BLUE PINE products – the greenest of green. .


Binder Covers / Product and Information Packaging


Menu Covers and Table-top Accessories

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Being environmentally friendly is easy. It is a mindset focused on making a meaningful effort to conserve, not to contaminate, and to recycle. Just Common Sense.... Make that meaningful effort and your contribution will be much more than you realize. GREEN... Is Unique, Cool, and Fun

Begin by ordering menu covers, binder covers, table-top accessories, and other product & information packaging made from eco-friendly materials: recycled metals, solid woods from Verified Sustainable Forests, and aqueous coated materials.

Impact Enterprises: Eco-friendly is Design-friendly at Impact.




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